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CTR Punchneedle and Threaders Size 3


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*** Fabric is priced PER Meter unless otherwise stated. ***

To order desired amount decimal increments may be used.
Minimum Cut is .2 m

Example: .5 or 2.6 or 5.8

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  • The 3-strand needle is made to take two or three strands of floss, size 8 Perle' Cotton or " Petite" Alpaca. Some over-dyed floss will feel stiff and not flow well through your needle. You can adjust by using 2 strands of floss. It will give your needlework a finer look and actually help those who tend to over-punch.


    All Metal Design
    Comfort Design Handle - The size of a pencil and the ability to add your favorite foam or plastic grip.
    Bevel Indicator - For correct punching direction.
    Pre-cut Gauges - Gauge comes cut and placed on the needle shaft.
    No interchangeable parts