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The Farmer's Wife Retreat House

Our own Renate Campsall has been busy working after hours on her New Project!  She has opened a 6 person Retreat House located near Beaverton. Close to the City and of course, to Quilters Cupboard, it is the perfect get away for Quilters, Scrapbookers, Stitchers or Knitters!! Why spend valuable time driving long distances, when this is close by!!  Get at that project sooner!  Meet in the middle with other friends or family! It can't be better than that!! 

Link to website & Facebook page.

Border Creek Station

If  you love precision piecing and instructions that leave you with no questions, then consider purchasing a pattern by Border Creek Station on your next visit to Quilters Cupboard!

Sherri creates detailed patterns with wonderful diagrams, (a quilters favourite, as we like to look at the pics, not read the words) as you move through your quilt assembly.    Each pattern comes with multiple sizes and a lot of quilting information that will allow you to create your next quilting project with confidence. Come check out the Border Creek Station patterns and many of the samples we have at Quilters Cupboard.

Link to website.