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Wedge Star Ruler - Choose your Adventure - Begins Sat. March 28th


*** Fabric is priced PER Meter unless otherwise stated. ***

To order desired amount decimal increments may be used.
Minimum Cut is .2 m

Example: .5 or 2.6 or 5.8

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  • Have you tried the new Wedge Star Ruler from Studio 180? It's a great new tool with endless possibilities. As a way of encouraging you to explore all this ruler has to offer, Leianne is going to lead you on an adventure of your choosing!

    We've picked the Wedge Star Ruler, now what will YOU pick for your pattern (aka adventure)? Will it be:

    - Cut Crystal
    - Coral Reef
    - Freelancer (free pattern with the Wedge Star Ruler)
    - Hallucination
    - Kaleidoscope 

    The choice is yours!

    For extra fun, you'll be able to see the different adventures other students have chosen with their Wedge Star Ruler. An excellent opportunity to learn and be inspired to create as many things as possible with this tool! Afterall, if you're going to invest in a ruler, you want to get as much use out of it as possible.

    Join Leianne for this two day adventure and she'll show you all of the new tricks and tips!

    Date:Saturday, March 28th and April 25th (9:30 - 4:00)

    Skill Level: Confident Beginner

    Cost: $116 (Class Pass Eligible)

    Ruler Required: Wedge Star and other tools as required by the chosen pattern.